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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers free from ants. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for pest control services in Lindsay.

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Ant Control Lindsay

At Ant Control Lindsay, we offer long-term solutions that can guarantee the eradication of pest presence throughout the property through crack and crevice application in areas of high activity. Through residual effects of our treatments, insects walk on the treatment and are affected. This trickles down to the rest of the ant population and to the nest over time as well as the eggs. We use low mammalian toxicity pesticides on our cases which is safe to use in residential and commercial properties. We are proud to employ save and environmental-friendly formulations that have no impact on the health of people and pests and the environment. All our technicians are fully licensed and trained to deal with any situation presented to them. Additionally, they are Licensed exterminators that are trained, certified, and insured who can adapt to any situation and offer alternative solutions when the case asks for it.

Moreover, we regard the safety our customers as one of our top priorities while discreetly providing long-term extermination and preventive solutions. Apart from our incredible services, we offer a comprehensive 6-month service warranty. If ants return, so do we. We are proud to be at the forefront when it comes to your pest problems and aim to bring every case good ending free from pests.


Ant Information

Ants can be counted as an invasive species to the human habitat. Not strange considering that a good part of Canadian households had one or multiple encounters with ants inside of their homes. Ants are known to be part of vast colonies where each ant is responsible for a specific task for the greater good of the colony. Depending on the species colonies might house one single or multiple queens at the same time splitting into colonies. This amazing insect lets nothing get into its way and because of their strong determination and cohesiveness they are always successful in invading most residential and commercial properties with ease.


Before the actual extermination process can begin, ant control technicians need to have a complete understanding of the ant infestation unique to the property. Each ant case is unique because it can involve a several of ant species that all need a custom method. Hotspots such as the kitchen and other places of high frequency. We ask the customer where they have seen ants, woodchips, or sawdust anywhere. This will give a lead as to where the nest might be.

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The Extermination process will happen on the day itself after the inspection is done. The ant control specialists will use a variety of commercial grade insecticides, baits, and gels that results in a max yield. If carpenter ants are involved in the case and have pinpointed the carpenter ant nest, we will drill a small hole and apply insecticide inside the wall. We will also perform a baseboard spray in the interior of the home and spray the exterior base of the home to stop the ants in their tracks. The use of these insecticides have a residual impact on the nest and those outside of it. It has long lasting effects which guarantees its efficacy. It will take a few weeks before ant activity completely ceases due to the residual effects of the insecticides which trickles down on the ant colony.



Once the ant inspection is done, you will be given a list with all the vulnerable points and entry points that the ants used. These can be cracks, crevices, and gaps throughout the interior of the property. The customer will know exactly what needs to be done to prevent ants from re-infesting the premises. Measures should also be taken on the customer’s end such as regular cleaning and upkeep as not to attract ants again. We provide customers with comprehensive proofing and sealing solutions as well.

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Types of Ants

Our licensed ant exterminators treat mainly indoor ants such as the carpenter ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants.

Carpenter ants, however, do not consume the wood, but, in fact, tunnel intricate galleries thereby damaging the structural integrity of the property as time passes. Carpenter ant damaged can be recognized by finding, what is known as ‘frass’, frass looks a lot like fine wood dust and can be found directly under an entry-point that the carpenter ants carved out. Carpenter ants, in general, prefer damp wood, but their satellite colony might venture to some drier parts of the home. Occasionally when you are dealing with a full-blown infestation you might see carpenter ants going in and about scavenging for food outside of the colony.

Pavement ants measure around 3mm in length and can be dark brown to black. Pavement ant colonies can count up till 3000-4000 ants. There are several queens in a colony. The areas beneath slabs of pavements are a preference. Their diet consists of insects, seeds, honeydew, and honey. Indoors can feed on whatever is available such as nuts, cheeses. and meats.

Pharaoh Ants a fascinating species. Their origins are unknown but have spread all over the globe as a nuisance ant. This translucent yellow ant primarily feeds on oily substances and are often found in apartments. Pharaoh ants are small and measure up to 2 mm. Pharaoh ants are a particular danger to medical facilities because they can transmit diseases such as salmonella and may cause botulism.

Dangers of Ant infestations

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While most species pose no threat, there is the red imported fire ant that can deliver stings. Their stings are painful and are known to cause allergic reactions. These and other ant species are not able to carry any serious disease. However, their presence is obviously a pain to deal with.

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Why Hire Professionals and Us

Professionals are able to assess a situation and are able to devise a viable plan. DIY options are sadly not effective enough as they usually are nothing but temporary relief. With the help of our licensed experienced technicians, you are able to make your ant infestation a thing of the past with ease. Having at our disposal state-of-the-art equipment, paired with specialized knowledge and numerous years of experience, we are sure to rid your house of ants. Our treatment plan includes a deep exterior inspection to locate and determine the entry-points ants are using, moving on to the extermination process to finally seal all the entry-points to prevent any future infestation from happening. When you hire the exterminators from Pest Control Lindsay you do not have to think twice whether you’ll see your unwanted house guests ever again!