Cockroach Infestation Signs: How to Spot Them Early

People often don’t notice that cockroaches are in their homes until the problem gets really bad. Finding the early warning signs of a cockroach problem is important for getting rid of the bugs effectively and stopping them from taking over your home. Before it gets too bad, here are some signs that you have a cockroach problem

Strange Smells

People often describe the smell that cockroaches give off as musty or oily. If you smell something strange in your home, especially in dark, hidden places like closets or behind appliances, it could mean that you have cockroaches. This smell may become stronger as the infection gets worse.


The cockroach droppings are round, dark, and small, like black pepper grains. You might find them in places where cockroaches hide, like behind appliances, in kitchen cabinets, or in closets. The appearance of droppings shows that cockroaches are active.

Lose Skin

Their exoskeletons fall off as they get bigger. If you find these old skins around and in your home, it’s clear that there is an outbreak. Roaches often moult in places that are hard to see, so it’s important to look in cracks, gaps, and behind furniture.

Roaches that can be seen

Cockroaches are active at night and avoid light, but you might see one running across the floor or walls of your kitchen sometimes, especially at night. Because these pests are so good at hiding, a single sighting is often a sign of a bigger problem.

Egg Shells

The oothecae of a cockroach are egg cases that look like purses and can hold several eggs. Most of the time, these casings are brown and can be hidden behind furniture, in closets, or under sinks. Finding cockroach egg cases is a strong sign that they are reproducing in your home.

Damage to food containers

Cockroaches will eat a lot of different things whenever they get the chance. Most likely, roaches are to blame if you find food packaging that looks like it has been chewed or broken. Food can also get dirty from their saliva and feces that they leave behind.

Sounds at Night

Cockroaches don’t make no noise at all. When they move around at night or in quiet places, you might hear rustling or clicking sounds. When there are no other sounds around, this noise can be especially obvious.

Smears and Tracks

Cockroaches can leave smudges and tracks, especially in places where there are a lot of them. Along the walls and baseboards, these lines may show up as brown or black streaks. They are caused by roaches’ waste and fluids and can be a clear sign that you have an infestation.

More allergies or breathing problems

Sometimes, being around cockroach allergens can cause allergies or make breathing problems worse, like asthma. If someone in your family has allergy complaints or breathing problems that you can’t explain, it could be because of cockroaches.

Pets Behaving In a Strange Way

Cats and dogs can sometimes tell when bugs are around before people do. It’s possible that you have roaches if your pets become overly interested in certain areas, start scratching at walls or floors, or act more anxious than normal.

Finding a cockroach problem early is very important for getting rid of them effectively. If you see any of these signs and think you might have an infestation, you should move quickly. Get in touch with a professional pest control service to find out how bad the infestation is and how to get rid of it altogether. You can protect your home and family from the health risks that come with having cockroaches by taking quick and thorough action.

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