When Squirrels Strike Back Signs It's Time to Call the Pros for Removal

When Squirrels Strike Back – Signs It’s Time to Call the Pros for Removal

People think of squirrels as cute and harmless because of their cute, bushy tails and silly acts. But if these cute animals decide to come into your home, they can quickly go from being furry friends to dangerous enemies. Having squirrels in your attic or other parts of your house can cause a number of issues, and there are clear signs that you need to call in experts to get rid of them.

Strange noises and sounds

 Sounds of squirrels running and digging are one of the first signs that they have moved into your attic. If you have squirrels living in your attic, you’ll probably hear them moving around a lot, especially in the early morning or late afternoon. While the odd noise might not be a big deal, loud noises that don’t go away are a sign of a squirrel problem. 

 Squirrel Activity That Can Be Seen

 If you see rats going in and out of your attic or other parts of your house, you know you have a problem. Because they are quick climbers, squirrels can get into your home through tree branches, power lines, or holes in the roof. Seeing squirrels in your home is a strong sign that you need to get rid of them professionally. 

 Property damage

 They don’t know how to use the bathroom outside, so when they move into your attic, they don’t treat it like a five-star hotel. They like to chew on wires, wood, and insulation. This kind of behaviour can cause a lot of damage and put people at risk of starting a fire. Squirrels are causing damage in your attic if you see wires that are chewed up, insulation that is shredded, or structure elements that have been gnawed. 

 Bad Smells

 Having squirrels in your home can make it smell bad. Animal waste and urine that squirrels leave behind when they nest in your attic can have a strong, unpleasant smell. The smell is not only bad for you and your family, but it could also mean that there are a lot of squirrels in the area that need to be removed by a professional. 

 Pet Pee and Stains

 Look in your attic for small, dark droppings that look like they came from a squirrel. The droppings can leave unsightly spots on the surfaces of your attic. Not only are droppings gross, they also show that there is an ongoing infection that needs to be removed. 

 Trouble with family life

 Having squirrels in your home can make your daily life difficult. The noises they make can be annoying and get in the way of your peace and quiet. Also, the harm they do can be expensive to fix and make the home less safe. When squirrels start getting in the way of your life at home, it’s clear that you need to get rid of them professionally. 

 Baby Squirrels

 Once a year, in the spring, and again in the fall, squirrels have their young. It’s important to move quickly if you find squirrel babies in your attic. When squirrel mothers guard their young, they can be protective and mean. If you try to get rid of them yourself, the animals could get hurt or stressed out. Professionals know how to safely get rid of both adult squirrels and their young. 

 DIYs that didn’t work

 Some homes may try to get rid of squirrels on their own, but it’s usually hard and doesn’t work. Squirrels are smart and stubborn, and home remedies for getting rid of them may only work for a short time. If your do-it-yourself efforts have failed or if the problem keeps happening, it’s time to call in experts who have the right tools and knowledge to fix the problem completely. 

 In conclusion, it’s important to know what to do when rats attack and come into your home and act quickly. Squirrel problems can damage your property, put your health at risk, and make your daily life difficult. Hiring pros to help with the removal will make sure it is done safely and correctly, bringing peace and quiet back to your home. 

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